Epoxy Coatings

Since the hull was peeled back in June, the drying out has gone really well, so well in fact that we decided to start the filling and fairing process last week.

This was followed by subsequent coats of epoxy. You can obviously see the filled and faired hull through the first coat of epoxy.

The first coat of epoxy left a shiny reflective surface, so we decided that we would add a bit of colouring to subsequent coats to ensure we never missed any part of the hull.

First Coat

Second Coat

Third Coat

Final Coat + Hull

All this is in preparation for the application of Coppercoat, as in our opinion there is no point in stripping the hull filling, fairing and coating in epoxy, only to apply normal antifouling. It just seems sensible finish the job properly and spend the extra on Coppercoat.