Reyce; Barca v Real Madrid

This weekend I had the pleasure of flying out to Barcelona with Reyce (grandson) for the El Classico game in the Camp Nou – flying over the mountains Reyce managed to get a couple of good photos;


Trying to secure tickets for this game had proven to be a task and a half, and cutting a long long story short our friend Nico managed through one of his friends, for us to use some of their family season tickets for the game. Big big thanks to Nico from the both of us.

On the morning we bought our T10 tickets for the underground and went up to Camp Nou to have a look around the stadium. We had booked to do the tour on Sunday so we could avoid the main crowds in the stores etc. These T10 tickets had a habit of moving from my pockets to Reyce’s all during the weekend :-)……private joke!

Reyce in front of the stadium in line with where our seats were…


and this was his first glimpse of the inside of the stadium through the main doors of the stadium


We then headed off for something to eat and get ready for the game at night. To get the tickets we were told to meet Alberto, wait for it, outside the Princess Sofia Hotel just up from the stadium – bear in mind there were thousands and thousands of fans and also we had never met each other before. However through mobile phone calls and patience we finally met Alberto and his cousin David at the newspaper stand next to the hotel (phew) and set off for the stadium nice and early to enable Reyce to soak up the pre match atmosphere.

Stadium filling,


Reyce with Alberto and his cousin David (?)


Stadium full with fans holding up coloured cards to show the Catalan Flag;


Then the build up to the long awaited kick off;


Despite Barca losing 2-1 and the rain clouds dropping copius amounts on top us during the game it was a marvelous experience and sharing it with such a lovely grandson made it all the more special. Alberto and his cousin have also to be commended for being so thoughtful towards a couple of strangers and once again confirms there is more good in the world than bad.

Next day we were back at Camp Nou to purchase some gifts for back home and to go through the museum, stadium tour and see some major trophies, such as European Cup


Loe Messi’ Golden Boot etc



Then round the stadium and into the changing room…………and who knows what the future will hold for Reyce ??


Really good day and we look forward to visiting Camp Nou again at some time in the future


So all and all a long weekend for me to remember/treasure with a fabulous grandson; with the added bonus that it was filled with lots of laughter and fun – thanks Reyce 🙂