Fishing Weekend

With the school holidays and available weekends running out we managed to arrange a weekend away with two of my Grandsons, Prentice and Reyce. Prentice starts High School after the holidays with Reyce going into his final year at Primary School.

This weekend the boys could choose what they wanted to do and their unanimous decision was to head for the boat and do some fishing, so we headed off to the boat on Friday with enough time before dark to get down to Oban Bay where we would have a few options should the weather prove as miserable as the forecast.

Friday night the weather was OK and the boys were out with their rods and enjoying themselves with Reyce landing the first of many.

They fished at night

During Friday night the rain came down heavily and it was still raining albeit lighter on the Saturday, but the boys dedication to their sport never waivered one iota………on they fished.

They fished in the rain

As they were getting wet we decided that when the rain eased we would go into Oban town and get them waterproof trousers and welly boots, which we did and also had the most amazing Fish & Chips out of the George Street chippie………….Sara and I were in agreement that these were the best ever – highly recommended for ofishionados.

Reyce getting soaked before going ashore but he cared not a jot 🙂

Approval from Reyce

Then it was back to Sun Dog and on with the important business of the weekend;

They fished from the bow;

They fished from the bow

They also fished from the stern leaving no inch of the sea around us safe for the fish – with Prentice continuing their success.

Prentice has one hooked

…and so it went on till dark o’clock on Saturday evening.

Next morning we awoke to a whole different day, warm clear (ish) skies – a perfect day for ………fishing!!

They fished from the stern

With another spell of fishing the tally continued to rise with Prentice catching the final fish in Oban Bay, which seemed fair as Reyce caught the first one.

Yet another

Then it was sadly a case of “lines in lads” as we had to start making tracks back home………..from the dinghy I asked the question how was the weekend lads?

Thumbs up

It also has to said that although the boys caught loads of fish, they were man enough to release them all, apart that is from the ones that were caught on Sunday which we enjoyed for lunch.

Smashing weekend with a smashing couple of lads – thanks guys.