5th – 20th April 2006

For some reason I deleted the full entry against this blog entry & will need to re-write and include photo’s etc when I have time.

Suffice to say for the moment that John & Sue Allison owners of Swagman a Hanse 461, along with Marcus Tettmar and myself sailed from Mallorca to Turkey to ensure that Swagman arrived in time for John & Sue to join the East Med Rally.

Our route was as follows ;

2nd – 4th April 2006 – Mallorca to Sardinia
5th and 6th April – Cagliari (Sardinia) to Palermo (Sicily)
7th April 2006 – Palermo to Messina (Sicily)
8th April 2006 – Fuelling at Porto Rosa
8th April 2006 – Messina (Italy) towards Patras (Greece)
8th – 10th April – Messina to Greece part II
11th April 2006 – Cephalonia
11th April 2006 – Cephalonia to Gulf of Corinth
12th April 2006 – Galaxidhi to Aegina
13th April 2006: Surfing down to the Corinth Canal- what a day!!
14th April 2006 – Aegina to Andros
14th – 15th April 2006 – Andros
16th – 17th April 2006 – Andros towards Ayvalik in Turkey
17th – 20th April 2006 – Ayvalik and Istanbul (Turkey)

A fantasic experience in great company with many a story – might be easier in the interim to read John & Sue’s blog for this period of time in their old blog site – link here