March 2018

Sundog is back in the water again after spending the winter ashore, and having work undertaken as listed in the “Sundog & upgrade tab”.

The notable omission from this work was antifouling, and the reason being that we have decided to take the boat over to the Spanish mainland, have her lifted out, and have Paradocks Painting give her full below the waterline treatment.

When we bought Sundog in 2007 we knew she had a bit of moisture, but all within the normal parameters of an older boat -therefore no issue. We had been more than happy to accept the situation, especially when the boat was based in Scotland, as it would be tricky to get the hull to dry naturally given the climate, therefore we have now decided to just have this work undertaken whilst the boat is here in Spain.
After the gelcoat has been removed, the drying out process over June, July, August, (then a furher 2/3 months) with really warm air temperature, plus the heat radiating up from the concrete hard standing, should do the job a whole lot better than if we were to try and do this back in the UK.

With Paradocks Painting doing all of the work, we can relax and have total confidence that the job will be done right. We are also going to get Pete to paint the topside of the hull whilst she is out of the water.

As Pete is keen to do the crossing on Sundog, we need to sort out a date that suits his workload, and also coincides with the right weather window.