Barcelona – back home

Having returned from Italy we have enjoyed the sights and sounds of Barcelona where there appears to be festivals being held regularly in different areas of the city and it’s always surprising what you can spot if you look up…….might be Shergar!!


Today we flew back home after having had an amazing time together, enjoying new experiences and meeting some lovely people along the way. It’s also been lovely to receive the text messages and e-mails from family and friends, they meant a lot so a big thank you from the both of us.

On Pontoon B in Port Vell we had a real International contingent:

Nico (Argentinian) who was so helpful in being our unofficial translater, and also liaising on our behalf with various local engineers to get some work carried out on Sun Dog, and is a really lovely human being.
Nico, Sara and I went up to the Fastnet Pub to watch the Argentina V Scotland in the Rugby World Cup at the end of which Nico was extremely happy after a game of real tension.

Pete (AKA Chemical Pete) & Debbie (South African) with whom we had some good laughs, and funnily enough they were heading to Scotland for their daughters wedding in Edinburgh. Top couple and again really friendly and helpful.

Marcus & Kathrin (German) who sadly had lost their mast when the standing rigging gave way and the mast mainsail etc all ended up in the water – thankfully all onboard came through unscathed – and yet another lovely couple.

With Sara being English and me Scottish it was real international grouping of friends who all got along famously – shame that this is not replicated across the globe. However it was a great finale for our trip.

Some friends have asked “what was the highlight of the trip”? – but this has been an impossible question to answer.

However one key point of the trip, for me, was when we were sailing from Kinsale to the Isles of Scilly, as this was Sara’s first overnight trip and the weather Gods could have been a wee bit kinder! Thankfully she stood her watch, and really enjoyed the experience thus allowing us to carry on with the trip…….quite a memorable leg for me.

We both agree that the best decision we made was not to have any destination in mind and simply enjoy the journey; which we have done, with the added bonus of being able to enjoy family joining us along the way.

So sadly no more relaxed sailing under a blue sky for a while……….but it’s been a simply superb adventure that has surpassed all expectation.