Burriana to Valencia

After three night in Burriana, it looked like we had a sufficient weather window to cover the 27nm to Valencia.
The forecast looked like the winds be favourable in the Burriana area, and start piping in strongly again from the east in the Valencia area around 1300.
We had sail up and out the marina at 0900 and had a good breeze behind us, with a blue sky above. Now i don’t know if it was because the fishing boats had been confined to harbour or not, but there were lots and lots of them en route. This meant a fair amount of maneuvering to keep out of their way.
I’m also pleased to say that the run down to Valencia (apart from the above) was pretty straightforward.
As there was a huge yacht tied up at the refuelling berth there was only enough space for one other boat, so in we went, topped up the tanks and reported to the office. However given the building queue for fuel we agreed with the office that we would come back round at 1600 to do the paperwork. Meantime they would have a marinero standing by at our allocated berth, so off we went round to Sundog’s new home just as the winds started to build again!
The balance of the day was spent washing the boat and unloading all the food, clothes etc into the car which we had left at the pontoon. When all this was finished, we drove round to the office and completed all the documentation.
Crazy as it sounds but we were away 12/13 days, 9 of which were spent sheltering from the recent absolutely crazy weather. This weather system/s had inflicted massive flooding damage in Denia, Xavia and this was replicated in other towns and cities up and down the coast.

A trip never to be forgotten !

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