There are two separate bodies that offer berths in this harbour. Burriana Nova, whose office is on the port side as you enter the harbour. The other is club nautico, which is a little more expensive but does offer all the facilities. Last time we were here we used Burriana Nova, this time club nautico and we are happy with the shelter and use of the club’s facilities, while waiting on this awful weather system to finally move on !!
If you ever call into this port, (berthing at either) follow the signs outside for “Charter” and you will find a decent stocked supermarket. Its literally two streets back from Club Nautico. The main town is actually a couple of kilometers inland.
We spent a relaxing day, replenishing some ships stores, and as the club has laundry facilities we took full use of them.
We also took a walk along the road to the beach, and enjoyed watching windsurfers and kitesurfers taking full advantage of the onshore winds. It does look a lot of fun, and we were both amazed at their speed through the water…..quite astonishing.
On the way back we noticed a Surfer Cafe called Burrifornia, a play on words with the town and California. Perhaps this is also a surfers haven? Who knows!

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