Still in Vinaros

Well it’s still blowing it’s socks off and we are still stuck in the Vinaros marina. We have walked all around the town and enjoyed a couple of the restaurants, with the paella in El Barco (restaurant faces the sea) worthy of special mention.
We also seem to have found our favourite cafe called Mandragora which for some reason has monkeys painted on the outside walls. Quite what monkeys have to do with mandrakes escapes me!
We do however love the building and the atmosphere, and in truth the coffee and cakes are not too shabby either.
As for the weather, well the forecast is such that we could still be here till Friday…….winds just now are NE then they simply do a polar shift and become S to SW. That should create a lovely washing machine type sea………patience, I believe, is the name of the game.

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