Cambrils to Vinaros

We checked the forecast before turning into our bunks last night, and then I checked it again at 0700. Strong easterlies are heading our way, but we headed out at 0730, as we wanted to get around the Ebro Delta and into good shelter before the weather caught up with us! We had two option on our route for good shelter, one being Sant Carles de la Rapita with the other being Vinaros.
The wind strength and direction was lovely and Sundog was happy sailing along towards clearer skies than those we were leaving behind. I’m now even more convinced about the increased hull speed and it’s not a figment of my imagination! I am also pleased that the weather God’s smiled on us all day, and apart from doing the lobster pot marker grand slalom for a good few miles going round the Ebro, it was all pretty straightforward. Next time I might stay out wider in deeper water (70m) to avoid this forrest of pot markers.
Just before reaching Vinaros the wind was beginning to increase slightly, (cue Jaws music) so we were happy when we radio’d and had a berth allocated to us. There was a mariniero already on the pontoon waiting on us as we approached.
We had been in here years ago, and whilst it’s a working harbour with a fishing fleet operating , it’s got a nice atmosphere and again, friendly helpful staff, with reasonable costs.
We booked in for one night, in the hope we could set sail early tomorrow morning……..but upon checking out the current weather forecasts, we amended our booking to a total of 5 days and have to accept the situation is what it is!
I suppose the only solace is that “it’s better to be in here wishing we were out there, rather than being out there wishing we were in here”!

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