To the island

We booked ourselves and the bike onto the 2230 sailing from Barcelona to Alcudia, and with it only being a 7-8 hour crossing we decided not to book a cabin. A seat in one of the lounges is automatically allocated, but on booking online we had a free update to first class seats. These are what you want if ever doing this crossing, very comfortable and electrically reclining. After everyone has eaten and had a few drinks the restaurant and bars close and the lights are dimmed – all very civilised – and because this ferry was not particularly busy, very quiet.

We had a very smooth sailing and arrived in Alcudia and after disembarking arrived in at our place in Puerto Pollensa 20 minutes later. It was a case of taking the luggage off the bike and getting a few hours more sleep in a bed…….jubbly.

In advance of arriving here I had tentatively arranged an underground parking space for the bike a short walk away from the apartment. However I decided to check if any were available in the underground car park belonging to the apartments opposite ours. (our does not have underground parking) I spoke with one of our Spanish friends Lorenzo who put us in touch with a Scot who owns an apartment in this block (and also a villa out of town) but he uses his regularly. He did suggest we speak with another Spanish contact Jose, who I met with and whilst he didn’t have a free space he took me around to one of his friends, and within an hour or so had the key fob for the electric garage door and an underground secure parking spot for the bike. All this by the afternoon of our arrival…….result!

We spent a few days exploring the island on the bike, and have to make a statement that would seem bizarre if someone made it in Scotland…………..its simply too hot to ride a bike wearing the safety clothing normally worn in the UK. It’s like riding in a sauna and this gets worse when going slow through towns or stuck in traffic.
Guess we need to start checking out some form of ventilated (protective) riding gear……or simply expire.

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